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Pizza Bagels

Pizza and Bagels? Yum!

Pizza Bagels

Let’s take a look at two of the most loved foods on the planet: Pizza and Bagels.

Pizza. The crust, the cheese, the sauce, the pineapple (controversial, we know), the endless toppings, what’s not to love? You have carbs from the crust, fats, and protein from the cheese, and added nutrients from the other meats and veggies you can add on it. One could argue that pizza is a complete, whole meal. It is enjoyed around the world, and most countries have their own take on it, making it a food that people from every country can bond over, while showing off different cultures. Pizza truly is the solution to world peace.

Bagels. Who would have thought that if you took bread, made it thicker, round, and put a hole in it, it would become one of the most renown breakfast foods in the world? You name a flavor of a bagel, it exists. You can take it out of the bag and eat it on the go, or you can make it fancy. There are endless possibilities. But bagels didn’t stop there. No, they snuck their way into every meal of the day. Plain untoasted bagels, toasted bagels with butter, or cream cheese, bagel breakfast sandwiches, bagel club sandwiches, dinner roll bagels, and even dessert bagels. Do we need to go on? There is nowhere that bagels aren’t willing to go.

Now, most people would agree that pizza and bagels are two of the most beloved foods in existence today, but what if you took both of these foods and combined them…

One might say that you have found the holy grail of food.

The soft doughiness of the bagel, the welcoming tanginess of the pizza sauce, the warmth and comfort of the Italian cheese blend, the (optional) toppings to add a little pizzazz. This is exactly what we needed in every aspect of our lives. You can have them as a casual breakfast snack, a filling lunch, or have a fancy Italian dinner party with them (sprinkle cheese and red pepper flakes not included, of course). We can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like two of the best foods in the world combined into one, and if you can….. you should probably stay away from them. Some foods should never be paired together, like hotdogs and applesauce (google it, it’s real). Luckily, these two incredible foods go together like, well… pizza and bagels.

Some people would argue that pizza bagels are for kids. We aren’t friends with those types of negative people. Pizza bagels are meant to be enjoyed by every generation. You don’t stop liking bagels at a certain age, and you most definitely don’t stop loving pizza, so why should you have to stop enjoying them combined? Pizza Bagels are for everyone, at every age, in every country, at any time. Pizza Bagels are here to stay.

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